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Production of high quality products

Source:admin   Time:2016-07-20
    Spinning forming technology is a kind of equipment by the spindle driven by core mold and top piece of blank fixed rotation again by axial and radial feeding wheel, by extrusion of mandrel and roller in the blank continuous deformation of plastic forming process of the machining process Spinning forming technology is a combination of rotary forming and plastic forming, and integrates the advantages of both has the high material utilization, forming fast, good surface quality, high precision of products, product variety, etc. As a result, not only in aviation, spaceflight, weapons and other precision metal processing technology occupies an important position, and in petroleum chemical industry, automobile manufacturing, electronics and light industry and other fields has been widely used.

    Aluminium alloy tensile spinning based on aluminum alloy sheet metal blank is processed into thin head, such as pieces of thin wall cone of axisym metrical parts processing technology. Aluminum alloy is one of the earliest shear spinning spinning technology, early spinning machine is to rely on human use of the tool to push sheet metal forming Along with the development of science and technology, people began to use wheel instead of bar processing, many scholars recently by studying the thin-wall head, forming rules of thin-wall cone that pull a new spinning forming technology. Also called variable shear spinning BoXuan pressure in pipe as the main billet, the axial feed as the main direction of feed of spinning process, the main products are cylindrical parts, automobile wheel hub, etc

    The application of shear spinning should be traced back to the earliest of ancient Chinese ceramics machining process, with the development of the industry begins to be used in modern mechanical processing, in order to meet the demand for people to do a lot of research, obtained many achievements.

    With the development of science and technology, the requirement of spinning equipment products more and more is also high. Because of the cold spinning in the process of work hardening, the cold spinning technology can not meet the needs of production. Appropriate heat treatment can change metal refining metal internal grain, crystal phase, so as to change the metal performance, so people began to put the heat treatment technology and the combination of spinning technology, create a new method of spinning processing, laid a new milestone for spinning technology. In recent years, many scholars in the heat treatment combined with spinning processing has also done a lot of research)Although the research has been spinning technology for aluminum alloy application in industrial production provides the theoretical support and practical guidance, but with the development of industrial production, to meet the demand, the author thinks that if aluminum alloy spinning technology to development will be issued to the epoch-making significance.

     In the early development status of spinning equipment spinning technology compared with international advanced level, whether in the product category, dimensional accuracy, spinning machine equipment capability and degree of automation, etc, and also in process theory research has certain gap.

    But after so many workers are devoted to the study of science and technology work, has obtained the considerable development in recent 20 years, many product precision and performance are close to or reached the foreign advanced level.Domestic a few institutions of higher learning, such as Harbin industrial university, as well as some powerful research institute has developed CNC spinning machine, and theory and the development of new technology is discussed in this paper.

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