Dish end flanging machine

Flaning or spinning of dished heads, we have “T” type or “I” type for selection, in China market, 80% dished end manufacturer use our machine for their dish end production, our company gained the leadership on this market, our machine’s highlight is: tight tolerances, and very smooth surfaces, even with stainless steel material, the machine’s designation takes into account, simple operator and higher productivity, our flanging machine are available with capacities in cold forming ranges from 4mm to 90mm, and hot forming upto 200mm.

Product picture
  • 3meter T type spinning machine
  • 5meters dish head flangjing machine
  • 6meters head spinning machine
  • 6metes commplete dished heads machine
  • dished end spinning machine
  • I Type dish end flaning machine
  • I type dished end flanging machine
  • T shape dished heads spinning machine
  • T type dished heads flanging machine
  • T type flanging machine
  • T type spinning machine
  • 3meters spinning machine
  • 6meters flanging machine
  • flanging machine