Dish end pressing machine

Our gantry type pressing machine can produce any size of heads,in which ranges from 200tons to 4500tons, all of our pressing machine are equipped with automatic manipulator, which can handle blanks up to 12meters in diameter and thickness up to 100mm, this enable our customer ability to produce large heads by segments. Until present, we have produced more than 150sets pressing machine for our customer, with its high quality and reputation, customer will come back again when extend their equipment of their workshop.

Product picture
  • 11meters drum pressing machine
  • 400tons press machine with manipulator
  • dish end pressing machine
  • dished heads drum pressing machine
  • dished heads press machine
  • dished heads pressing machine
  • drum press machine
  • pressing with auto manipulator
  • 600tons pressing machine with automatic manipulator
  • dish end pressing machien with auto manipulator